Talk: Beyond deployments: Dev and Ops in one place with Octopus Deploy

In 2018, we took a big step and launched a cloud-hosted SaaS version of our software, which until then had always been run self-hosted by customers. We began to use Octopus Deploy to deploy Octopus Deploy for thousands of our cloud customers. In doing so, we became one of our own biggest customers. Very quickly, we found ourselves using Octopus Deploy for plenty of automation tasks that weren’t related to deployments. Since then, we’ve been iterating on Octopus and taking it way beyond deployments.

In this demo-packed talk, I’ll show you how we use Octopus Deploy to deploy, manage and operate our Octopus Deploy cloud service. I’ll show how we use Octopus not just to deploy applications, but to provision environments, de-provision them, handle branching, incremental product rollouts, disaster recovery, backups and migrations, and more. I’ll show how we use the multi-tenant functionality of Octopus to provision and manage separate containers and databases for each customer that signs up. And we’ll look at how Octopus integrates with Terraform, Kubernetes, and Azure to make Octopus Cloud possible.