Talk: From Chaos to Verification. a Resilience and Reliability Practitioners Tour

Chaos engineering is a powerful, scientific discipline that helps you proactively surface evidence of weaknesses in your systems. Who wouldn't want that?

In this talk Russ Miles, CEO of ChaosIQ, will talk about the limitations of chaos engineering as it is currently talked about today. Through a collection of real-world examples he will show how useful, but misunderstood, a chaos experiment can be. You will learn how those limitations can be overcome by different types of system verification, what verifications can look like in real life, and how they augment chaos engineering experiments to avoid many of the complaints against chaos engineering by re-framing the value you get from adopting the practice. You will also learn how, by building a collection of system verifications, you enable a different level of collaboration and conversation about reliability and resiliency inside and across your teams.