Microservices and Serverless

Microservices and Serverless continue to be two of the most hyped terms in our industry. As I’ve explored previously, some of that hype may be justified, but you need to take some time to cut to the heart of what makes them important if you want to get the most out of them. I remain convinced that Serverless technology offers the potential to make teams significantly more productive, but I still find people confused as to what serverless actually is, and whether or not things like Cloud Functions mean we no longer need to worry about microservices.

I’ll look at the mapping between microservices and functions, the limitations of current offerings in terms of providing logical separation, and give you some tips on how to best start making use of this new technology.

In this talk, I’ll try to show just why serverless technology is so powerful, and I’ll also show how it fits in with microservices. As I will show, Microservices and Serverless goes together very well indeed.