Octopus Runbooks, putting the Ops in DevOps

People have used Octopus Deploy for some form of Ops Processes for the past 5-6 years, and most DevOps tools don't have a built-in process for ops tasks. So, you end up using a workaround, and this is where Octopus Runbooks comes to the rescue!

Runbooks for Octopus Deploy helps your Operations team automate any recurring tasks, including routine maintenance tasks, provisioning temporary test environments, and SQL maintenance. Octopus Runbooks is also perfect for executing emergency tasks such as failing over to a Disaster Recovery environment or restarting a set of applications in a set order.

In this session, Derek will discuss the many benefits of Runbooks for Octopus, as well as taking you through real-life world demos and configuring and running a Runbook from scratch!