Workshop: Turbocharging your Azure DevOps experience with Octopus Deploy

This workshop will cover core CI/CD concepts and best practices, and review real-world release management and automation problems and how to overcome them using Azure, Azure DevOps, and Octopus Deploy.

What you will learn: We will start by taking an existing sample repository and get that building locally in Visual Studio. We will then take the application and get it building and testing on Azure DevOps, then configure the Release and lastly pass the artifact through to Octopus Deploy ready for deployment.

You will get hands-on access to provisioning infrastructure on Azure, building an Azure DevOps pipeline & creating an Octopus Cloud instance. You will use all of these tools to configure and prepare a build, test it, create the release and deployment pipeline of a sample application and get you deploying from Dev, through to test and lastly to Production.

The list of topics include:

  • Creating Octopus Cloud instance
  • Creating Azure DevOps Project
  • Packaging Applications.
  • Creating Build in Azure Pipelines & Test plans in Azure Test Plans.
  • Integrating Azure DevOps & Octopus Deploy
  • Creating the Deployment process in Octopus Deploy.
  • Adding Infrastructure in Octopus Deploy
  • Creating Azure Web Apps & VM's in Azure
  • Administration of Azure DevOps & Octopus
  • Multi-Tenancy, Channels, Lifecycles & Spaces
  • Common Deployment patterns such as Canary, Blue/Green & Red/Black

Who should attend:
This workshop is for Developers, Ops and DevOp Engineers starting on their CI/CD journey or for engineers looking for some fresh ideas. Additionally, if you are using an older version of Octopus and want a refresher, then come along.


  • Free Azure/MSDN Subscription with access to create an Azure Service Principal. A Corporate Subscription is best to be avoided.
  • Email address to spin up free Azure DevOps & Octopus instances

Computer Setup:
Attendees will need a laptop with Windows with the following software:

  • Visual Studio Code
  • MSBuild
  • NET Framework 4.6.1+
  • Git